YODAOS Description

System Structure


Code Directory

  • apps Local app integrated in the system, including [Bluetooth Music], [Distribution], [Volume], etc.
  • apps/cloudappclient The local universal client of the Cloud App handles the logic issued by the cloud app, including [Ruo Qi Music], [Weather], [News], etc.
  • include Build dependent header files
  • packages Common module interface for interacting with the underlying services of the system, including [log], [Bluetooth], [Audio], [Button], etc.
  • res resource files including lighting and sound effects
  • runtime The core service of YODAOS
    • activation activates the service and plays wake-up words when the device is activated
    • lightd provides light rendering service
    • multimediad provides multimedia playback service
    • otad provides OTA upgrade service
    • ttsd provides TTS playback service
    • vuid VUI interactive service that handles user's NLP
  • test unit test
  • tools Debugging Tools

Compilation Method

  • cp ./config/leo_k18_universal_node_defconfig .config
  • make defconfig
  • make package/jsruntime/install V=s

Installation Manual

  • apps/ -> /opts/apps Currently third-party apps like QQ Music are also installed here.
  • packages/ -> /usr/lib/node_modules
  • res/ -> /opt/res
  • runtime/ -> /usr/yoda

VUI Interaction Process



  1. After the user's voice is parsed in the cloud, the corresponding NLP is pushed to the VUI through the MQTT service.
  2. The VUI service selects the corresponding App to process the NLP.
  3. If the processing of the app includes logic such as lighting, broadcast, etc., the App will call the corresponding service through the VUI to execute the logic.

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