Effective testing is the foundation for quality assurance. Testing applications in a fast and efficient way is an essential workflow for iterative development of applications.

Test Classification

  1. Functional testing
  2. White box testing
  3. Stability testing

Test Methods

Functional Testing

We offer two methods to test the function , one is to verify the voice interaction through the VUI, and the other is to verify by the mock tool.

❕ Note: Functional testing requires network status to be normal


First, install the app to the device through the tool;

$ tools/runtime-install

Second, restart vui;

$ tools/runtime-op --vuid restart

Finally, start the interaction and perform a functional test.

For example: Rokid, I want to listen to children's songs.

Mock Tool

The mock tool simulates the voice interaction function, and the mock interaction can be achieved through mock.

$ tools/mock --asr "I want to listen to children's songs"

White Box Testing

White box testing for applications via the yoda-mock test tool.

'use strict'

var test = require('tape')
var mock = require('@yoda/mock')

test('test app request event', t => {
  var rt
  // start app
    .then(runtime => {
      // runtime instance
      rt = runtime
      t.strictEqual(Object.keys(rt.loader.appManifests).length, 1, 'mocked app runtime shall load expected app only')
      // mock ttsd speck method
      rt.mockService('tts', 'speck', (text) => {
        t.strictEqual(text, 'hello')
      // emit app request event
      // @param {string} asr
      // @param {object} nlp
      // @param {object} action
      // @param {object} [options]
      rt.onVoiceCommand('asr', {intent: 'play_song'}, {appId: 'appdemo'}, {})
      // emit app url event
      // @param {string} url
      // @param {object} [options]
      // @param {'cut' | 'scene'} [options.form='cut']
      // @param {boolean} [options.preemptive=true]
      // @param {string} [options.carrierId]
      // @returns {Promise<boolean>}
      rt.openUrl('url', {form: 'cut'})
    .catch(err => {
      rt && rt.destruct()

Stability Testing

  1. Perform a stability testing on your application by executing monkey.

For example, the test object is a music application, which can be tested by calling the mock tool.

$ tools/mock --asr "I want to listen to Jay Chou's songs"
$ tools/mock --asr 'I want to listen to Daoxiang'
$ tools/mock --asr 'change one'
  1. Monitor memory and CPU conditions with the memory-viewer tool.
// memory monitor
$ tools/memory-viewer -m -i 300 -f appname -a
// cpu monitor
$ tools/memory-viewer -c -i 300 -f appname -a

Application running data is collected during execution and updated from time to time. Use the following command to convert json to an html chart form.

$ tools/memory-viewer -r cpu.json

Testing Tools

Testing Framework

Use tape, see tape

YODA-Mock Tool

The yoda-mock tool is used to simulate application runtimes, emulating service methods such as ttsd, lightd.

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